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Today, the advancement and development of countries at the macro level and the organizations at the micro level depends on the upgrading of the level of knowledge, skills and technology, and on the same basis, we see that most countries and leading organizations have increasingly focused on research ...

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Conference venue

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about conferenceGiven the importance of science and science in achieving the goals, there is a need for scientific work in its various dimensions internationally. Hence the holding of the International Congress of Science and Knowledge with the aim of increasing the knowledge and dissemination of new and innovative findings in various areas of science and science on August 20, 2018 with the aim of familiarizing and connecting professors, researchers, scholars, experts and enthusiasts The exchange of the latest scientific achievements and applied experiences, and the examination of scientific and operational challenges in its application process from all geographic regions, at local, national, regional and international levels, with the participation of academic and research centers in Australia. Professionals and enthusiasts are invited to submit their findings to the secretariat of the congress in the form of scientific papers.

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